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Steamboats Took our Music to the World: Jazz on the River

Captain “Doc” Hawley and Steamboat Stompers’ band leader Duke Heitger tell tales of life on Mississippi steamboats, past and present. Doc is the co-author of “Moonlite at 8:30” the story of excursion boats and the important shift from shipping materials to sending dance and music up the river. “Doc is truly a National Treasure”, says Duke, “He grew up on the river and his stories are pure gold.”

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We Live To Eat: New Orleans’ Love Affair With Food

Each city has its own foodism: an ideological food culture that is deemed as a part of its society. Kevin McCaffrey will screen his James Beard finalist film We Live To Eat: New Orleans’ Love Affair With Food, bringing Louisiana's coast directly to the Downriver Festival. In this documentary, Chef Frank Brigtsen posits, “I think what separates us in Louisiana from the rest of the world about food is we are so emotional about it. Just because a dish is 200 years old doesn’t mean it’s not good anymore, and we never get tired of gumbo or trout manila because we have such wonderful memories associated with those dishes and we have a responsibility with our traditions too.”

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