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Our Vulnerable Coastal City in Historical Context

To make that watery landscape surrounding the Mississippi river suitable for a traditional Old World settlement, with towns and farms and ports, the river had to be tamed by levees, canals, distributary closures, and navigation improvements. Humanity succeeded in taming that landscape, but in the process set in motion its demise by depriving a naturally sinking delta of new sediment. Hurricane Katrina demonstrated our increasing vulnerability. The challenge ahead is to design projects that reduce that vulnerability, and the challenge is to try to make New Orleans viable in the decades ahead.

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Film: No One Ever Went Hungry

Kevin McCaffrey’s newest documentary, No One Ever Went Hungry: Cajun Food Traditions Then & Now. McCaffrey, a 2009 James Beard Award finalist, surveys the complex traditions and ingredients that make up Cajun cuisine, from the prairies to the coast of South Louisiana. He believes that the film shows lessons of sustainability, community, and environmental response all can be learned through the Cajun experience.

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